Is java reaching multiple dimension to pull extra cpu power?

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    Poor Java compiler... Did the bad man give you only 6 cores?
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    Seriously though if it's Gradle you can tweak the amount of cores used ;)

    --max-workers is the cmd I think
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    Each core is 100% usage then that gets added for each core to get that big number.
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    That actually shows how efficient Java is... I don't hate Java at all, now JVM, that's a different matter.
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    Though this shows JVM is being bad, but isn't that an OS bug?
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    @gitpush some systems treat "100% cpu" usage as being relative to one cpu core/thread. So 533% means it's maxing out 5+ CPU cores at once out or what is hopefully not a 6 core CPU...

    I looked this up a while ago after seeing it happen myself and seemed to behave this way on some Unix systems, like Red Hat, whereas Windows and Solaris appeared to measure CPU usage relative to the total.
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    @deMark this is new, thanks man
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    `top` does this too.^^
    I though y'all were such linux veterans.:D
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    @daintycode depends on which build I think. On Solaris it capped out at 12.5% for a process showing it maxed out a core on an 8 CPU server. But I guess also depends on the software and mutli-threading...
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    Maybe...your code is just awful?
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    This is "normal". I also see this in eg. CentOS' top. 100%=1core
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    I really hate that shit, it says "CPU" as in singular thus you can only use 100% of it. If they want to use core/thread usage then why not make it clearer ne?
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    Oh, it’s because those are metric percentages.
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    It's not java the soul of Steve Jobs is helping java get that much of resource from macos.
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    @BadFox I'm thinking because no one can decide on one view, some people want a summary view, others want detailed view.

    Tips for windows users - the default in Win10 task manager is to show total CPU usage, but you can tight click on the graph and get it to display logical processors (threads)
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    @deMark I use GNU/Linux. True tho I think I would like a choice in all system managers without changing the code.
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    I am currently working in a project where I develop an Android App with two other guys. Both of them have a MacBook while I have a ThinkPad with Windows 7. And for both of them at some point their fans just won't stop spinning at full force and you feel like sitting in a turbine. It's the same picture, java consumes over 400% cpu without any valid reason, just Android Studio opened. In the meantime, my machine constantly runs at 0%. I don't know if it's a OSX or a UNIX bug or whatever, but it seems it doesn't effect Windows.
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    It couldn't put an extra 67% in the main process so it created another process.
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    I think 100% means full usage of one core, so 500% means it's using full 5 cores and 3 still left for the rest of the processes.

    Not so much a OS bug than bad UI.
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