So I am doing a homework with the language my teacher made. He said we could opt for either Java or Lisaac, but he said the latter would be pretty hardcore. But I feel hardcore is just an understatement, and outside of an absence of documentation on the object methods which makes you look all the way through the library files when you look for one method/object, then another, then another and all, here's a single fact that will express my feelings:
In his language, there are three main types of errors:
* Execution errors: the program crashes when something that shouldn't be possible is attempted (looking for an item in an array that's out of its range) ; ok, I can take those
* Compilation errors: syntax errors, semantic errors, type incompatibility... the classic, ok, I can take those, I'm used to it
* Compiler errors: when the compiler compiles in C, but fails to do so! "Mister, am I allowed to ragequit?"

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