Worked fine in previous PC under Windows 10..

Newer PC, works fine if you unplug it, and plug it back in again, then when you reboot, it forgets its there..

Solution !


Plug it in via an unpowered USB hub and it installs the driver for the IR receiver, then, when rebooting, no issues !

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    Oh. I thought this was in relation to your bluetooth connected smart dildo...
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    FX [ Smirks. ]

    I guess if you had an infrared model, you'd have to install the transceiver in a butt plug..
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    Took me hours to find that solution.

    Sometimes it takes months, or even years !

    Actually I think some PC related issues have taken over a decade to find a working solution..

    Others, I'm still trying to find answers to !

    Reminds me of:


    > The Meaning of Life... Al Murray

    > Live at the Palladium
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