So me and my co-worker are allways joking about how many absourd JS-Libaries are out there. We say random words with "JS" at the end.

We are currently experiencing, that this on going joke is not a fucking joke. It's true!

(Example below, with Quack/DuckJS)

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    "devRant Rant JS Framework" - fastest, most modern, blockchain powered, AI learning, minified then uglified then minified again, cross platform, cross species/time/dimension, JS framework out there. So modern it doesn't run from the Cloud but instead lives in the sea and consists of plankton microservices.
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    Library itself is 50KB but the set up environment which consists of libraries and tools to compile it, requires only 50GB disk space and a lamb to be sacrificed each time you compile it.
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    @theKarlisK Where can I get it? And does it run in Docker?
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    @darthkebab durum.js is better
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    @mk3d Amazing!

    What about "fuck.js" package, which alerts "Fuck JS" on each key hit?
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