Fuck Google Page Speed. Sometimes I wonder if it's not just messing up with my brain.

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    Why? You enter your URL, let it run, enjoy the 100%. Totally easy to use.
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    @Fast-Nop showing off ! It’s not always that. I never get a 100
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    @atroxi If you don't get 100%, then it's because your website has issues. Don't blame Google for some sub-par aspects you built into your website. Instead, fix them.

    Of course, this can be difficult if you havn't been treating performance as top priority from the beginning - however, this is your fault and not Google's.
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    @Fast-Nop oh yeah definitely! Just weird to see that once you optimisé your images you randomly lose points for example. It’s just happen to be random from time to time ... also, most websites I have issues with and google speed tests are wp sites .. maybe Smith to dig more on my end.. but yeah, google speed is just a bit random from time to time ..
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    @atroxi WP is a slow behemoth out of the box, and you need an awful lot of plugins to fix most of the issues. However, when you change the images, then the database changes.

    It wouldn't astonish me at all if one of these umpteen plugins then does some crazy shit on the first run. In this case, the first run with new, optimised data might be even slower than the previous runs with non-optimised data.

    Even worse if it's on shared hosting so that any activity of the other domains may influence the speed of your website. Especially if the hoster isn't using an Nginx reverse proxy.
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    @Fast-Nop very true ! I hate wp but it brings bread on the table. I have big suspicions on what shit it does out of the box but never wanted to waste time diving in it ..
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    @atroxi I'd suggest using https://gtmetrix.com/ primarily because the hints are more detailed and better explained.
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    @Fast-Nop awesome thanks a lot !
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