Tell me if I'm wrong
I know android dev and the more I go deeper, the more i hate the way things are done. It felt like memorising something new everytime i had to get shit done. And if u stray even just a little u get a shitload of exceptions. My android devs were pretty much crying at the end of this 40hr hackathon(i was on backend).

At the end, i just don't like d way things are done, its just way too complicated and messy for my use case - hackathons and making things as a hobby.

So you could imagine when i started react native and saw all my problems fade away. I don't know what'll happen when i go deeper. But if you've had the good fortune of working with these things, do u think its a good switch? Will i face d same issues with react native as i do now? Thanks

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    "null" and exceptions are the root of the issue (:
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    Not only that. U wanna connect to a websockets server? Sure write 30 lines of unreadable code or use a library like okhttp and write 15 lines of code that you have no idea how it works. Documentation for these things r trash.

    Why isn't my prompt being displayed? Idk cuz i wrote some other unrelated code earlier that somehow seems to fuck with my new code.
    And modifying the views feels like jqeury to me, don't even talk about data binding that shit is on another level of fuckery.
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    Hmmm I am so glad I choose iOS over Android in 2009.

    But look at the bright side. Android will have the biggest market share.

    Btw iOS is a piece of cake compared to React and Android. You will be a lot happier but I am not sure how long Apple’s Wall Garden will last.
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