Engineer: We need pinch/zoom support for big images. We've been using OpenSeadragon but we didn't like how big it was.

Me: It's 49KB minified. Pretty hefty.

Engineer: Right, so what we can do is fork the repo and delete the parts we don't use.

Me: Fuck you

Engineer: Ok

Me: Our site blasts you with 6.3MB of assets over 233 requests in 5 seconds. Look, if I blacklist this 51KB one right here... man, can you just feel your ass floating out of your chair now that this weight has been lifted? Isn't this worth maintaining a fork that's been stripped to a shell of it's former self?!

Engineer: Just let us know if you need any more context


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    1. From that i heard, us prison is hard.
    2. You dont have any scapegoats for murder.
    3. Much deadly accidents happens at the home of idiots. Just wait or raise his weight to at least 330 pounds(150kg) to raise the likelyhood of accidents and heart attacks.
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    Wait, if 51kB isn't much of a difference, why complain about the heft of the 49kB lib ? (I like to play devil's advocate) 😁
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    Damn, that's a heavy site.
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    I actually agree with both of you. No need to load a whole library only to use a portion of it, and also no need to load 6 MB (wtf) for a single page...
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    49 kB minified is around 17 kB on the wire. Come on.
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