Ok apple, what the fuck? Your supposed to be smarter than this, I damn sure ain't....

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    That's intentional. They want you to upgrade to a model with more storage, always. It's part of their shitty practices.
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    This calls for
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    @theKarlisK if i could find the files to purge them. I think its the local time machine backup, which i deleted, now their showing up as backup.trash and

    sudo rm -rf has absolutely no fucking affect on it
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    @theKarlisK I'll have to try the first link, the second is what led me to the /.mobilebackups folder. I went to about this mac >> storage >> manage and deleted it there. The storage tab started reading like it should afterwards, but it moved the /.mobilebackups folder to mobilebackups.trash and it won't let me do anything thing with that folder. Tried sudo rm -rf and also tried just moving it to the desktop and dragging it to the trash can. It lets me do the latter, but it won't let me delete it from the trash bin
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    Just to add to the confusion a little, I'm trying to switch time machine disk. I've got my old spinning hd that I just removed the original os from and now I'm trying to use that as a backup to free up my seagate drive. Thinking I'm going to make an attempt at booting slax directly from there.

    In any case I plugged the old seagate up and let time machine do its thing and it backed up like 60 something gigs. I plugged the original hd in and it tried to do the whole 429 gigs again
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    Ugh, finally...

    tmutil listlocalsnapshots <mount point>

    (/.MobileBackups.trash if you delete it with the gui 🙄)

    tmutil deletelocalsnapshots <date>

    Went from trying to back up 419g to 204g 😒
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    Additional update... My computer has still forgot how to math. The above photo is what is now backing up. Before that was 420g... This is what my disk util is now saying after I free'd up all that space 🤦🏻‍♂️
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