Here's some screenshots of my c++ learning project, CursesWidgets! (Or ConsoleWidgets, it's officially just named "CW")

Just got layout managers done - pretty nice step forwards since now widgets don't need to render their children themselves; they can (and by default DO) delegate the work to a layout manager.

Here are the StackingLayoutManagers, which are the equivalent of WPF StackPanels or just the normal way HTML works. They have different orientations, however, and will soon have different alignments (Start, Middle, and End, which is the same thing as the typical Top, Middle, Bottom, Left, Center, Right, except SME can be used for either horizontal or vertical alignments)

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Here are some screenshots. If you made it this far you earned the knowledge that I plan to make a beastly terminal devRant client using this technology.

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    i love to see other people using curses lib 😍 it's one of my secret pleasures
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    this could be really useful for making a proper web renderer for terminals
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    @nik123 There just aren't enough pixels :( it really never will be proper. But making layouts that are specifically for the terminal will be good!
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    @nik123 @AlgoRythm is right, each "pixel" is drawn at the same size with a regular character, sadly.

    One workaround would be to use some custom fonts to provide more variation for grafical purposes. Like the old consoles that had in a square multiple pixels but can use only 2 colors at once for that square.

    Otherwise, lynx stays the best option we have
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