I just discovered that the school my toddler goes to has a policy where they have a meeting with you if your kid gets there late 3 times.

I'm fine with something like 5, but 3!!!!
Jesus fucking christ, she's 4!

The amount of effort I have to put to awake, bathe, dress and feed this kid is unholy, and the time it takes can fluctuate.

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    I just think it shouldn't apply to children of that age at all... do they truly care about missing 15 minutes of what is basically playing around?
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    I think its good to learn on a young age that being late is wrong. And its easier to have a schoolwide policy then depending on age.
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    @Codex404 I agree, it also probably wreaks havoc on the class when a kid gets late.

    I'm just a little butthurt by the first late we got being that it was costume day, and there was some confusion between me and my wife of which day was it, so I had to go back and put her costume in, and of course sign that thing like an idiot.

    I would have expected some extra tolerance on costume day.

    3 for a citation is still too little in my opinion, kids can be chaotic.
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    It was a pain in the ass waking me up until College. I'm surprised that I was actually able to get up when I started living alone. I just developed something like an internal clock where I would wake up a minute before my alarm goes off. I always leave time for snooze though.

    Also, what are they gonna do after several strikes, fire the kid?
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    @rutee07 "3 strikes, ya goin to jail, kid"
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    Tell em to get bent
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