Everytime I go back to native Android, I end up: -Wasting a lot of hours with gradle and the shitty dependency system.
-Doing a couple of cours of actual coding and finishing what I needed to do.
-Swearing to never come back

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    Ya it requires lots of resources and only finishes in max 2 mins on an SSD, but since when an SSD was a requirement for developing simple apps?
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    @gitpush and a shitton of RAM
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    @Salim Oh ya, though on Linux it doesn't tbh, I had it on a windows machine it would take up to 9GB RAM :\

    Switched it Linux VM and all good
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    @gitpush It's certainly better on Linux, that's where I use it. But with a browser open, it just starts slowing everything down.
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    @Salim Yup unfortunately :\ Some say that Jetbrains community edition is lighter, but I honestly have not tried it out
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