Felt like a fucing badass just now. My boss sent me a message saying that one of the servers is down and that he can't reach anyone else and he doesn't know how to fix it.

So I sent him a couple of Linux commands to fix the issue and it worked! By his reaction you could tell he was really happy, and so was I!

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    Dang, can't edit the rant anymore. I wanted to add that everyone was out of office and it was like 10:30 PM
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    @DefiniteGoose negotiate a raise
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    No admins / DevOps in your team? If no, why don't you become one and get a raise?
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    @ajit555 It's a small team, 7 employees, of which two back-end developers; me and another guy. There are no admins in our team, so basically the back-end developers are also sysadmins, both Windows and Linux.

    Gotta love working at a small company, but I've enjoyed it a lot so far!
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    @DefiniteGoose I am in the process of setting up a team for my future consultancy. In fact, I am the only member in that. But already prepared a set of roles and associated responsibilities / expertise / outputs. I do a role play for each role so that when the team member joins to take that role, there is no ambiguity.
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    @ajit555 Good luck, I wish you the best!
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    By any chance, was it something along the lines of 'systemctl restart service'?
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    @TheCommoner282 yeah, that's right. It was `apachectl restart`.

    He also didn't know how to connect to the server in the first place, so it was quiet a journey..
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