Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 5... This is the question...
I need a new laptop... NOW!
Where can I found the one that I want? 😁🤣

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    10 times out of 10 it’s got to be amd
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    Get a buncha cables an make your own cpu
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    @ganjaman I bet you could make one out of printer cables. And then fix it
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    i7 - if mostly used as client not heavy duty server since it is lot cooler, very good performance per thread. Even my fourth gen i7 is very good for development work with sufficient RAM and SSD.


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    Ryzen until you have some bottleneck which requires single threaded performance. And please compare i7 with Ryzen 7 instead.
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    @ajit555 ryzen is not hot O.o
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    Math can solve it for you. 7 > 5
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    Get a Thinkpad. Macbooks are 2012 as hell.
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    Ryzen without a question ! Cheaper and performance is almost identical.
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    Thank you all! 👍
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    Intel - battery and single-core perf
    Ryzen - everything else
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    @thestR- better feature set, better performance on average, better price on top of that, better Linux driver support, and we have a guarantee that intel processors have government backdoors. We don’t have a guarantee that amd doesn’t have that, but at least we don’t have a guarantee they do.
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    AMD. Accept no other.
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    Ok... You convinced me. 🙃
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