Imma jus start callin uhlee niggas who touch me electronics wo/ discharging their static electricity fat fucken retards 🤙

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    Or you could properly enclose it and ensure proper ESD resilience of course (:
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    @Condor fuck.....u r good
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    Could someone explain this for a friend of mine?
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    @Condor imma enclose ya in a fuckin tomb
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    @ganjaman $ tomb slam all
    There, properly enclosed 😜
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    @jespersh your body can charge up to some 20kV with respect to the environment, within its tiny parasitic capacitance. In practice this is what causes those shocks when you touch grounded objects like door knobs and faucets. But when not properly protected, it can kill components and circuits too. That's essentially why those ESD bracelets exist, and why sensitive circuits shouldn't be left naked for too long.. always dress them up after you're done 🙃
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