rewatching evo moment 37, it still gives me the chills/teary

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    One of my senior coworkers was actually there.. He said Daigo wasn’t visibly angry!
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    @growling wow, that's crazy, being there...

    you mean though like he was calm and didn't break his calm?
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    dammit, i edit like shit...
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    @erandria idk he just wasn’t angry
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    Explain for those of us who don't know what this is?
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    @Root it's usually described as the one if the most iconic moments in competitive video gaming (not just fighting games).

    it's a semifinal of a street fighter 3 3rd strike at EVO, which is the biggest fighting game event in the US (and I'm almost sure of the world too).

    the match is Daigo vs Justin, Daigo is japanese, while Justin is american (of chinese descent)

    Near the end of round 3, Daigo was pretty much about to lose the game, as he was almost 0 health.

    Justin then executes a chunli super, which has 15 hits.

    He does that knowing that if Daigo tries to block, he's pretty much dead because you still take dmg when blocking. Instead Daigo begins to parry. Parrying is a very risky movement, and involves tapping directions in a very few frames of a hit, thus resulting in cancelling it.

    Daigo did this 15 times, and responded with his own super, winning the round, and afterwards, the match.

    It's the nuttiest thing I've seen in competitive games.

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