Got rejected for a job I didn't apply for, in company I didn't know.

In what zone am I?

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    Someone somewhere with a similar name is waiting for a response that will never come.
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    Recruiters are trying to use reverse psychology :v
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    it's better than getting rejected for a job you applied! trust me
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    @inaba Haha. They are so nice and they provide feedback even to those who fail. This is the kind company I want to work for.

    Damn recruiters getting smarter faster than AIs.
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    @lazyDev I just wish I was offered the job though..
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    Amazing how they rejected you and yet asked you to stay in contact, since they are "constantly" hiring..
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    Yea, that's right.
    This is the
    Application - Zone
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    Did they use your name?
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    @620hun Yes, and perfectly spelled. My name's spelling is pretty odd and most people spell it wrong.
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    @rutee07 Speaking of, I've always wondered: is "07" your last name or first name?
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    @Jilano eh... considering arrays starting from -1, it's the -2th name
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    This goes beyond rejection. This is Minority Report rejection
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    @Jilano 07 is my middle name, I don't post my lastname on the internetz.
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    Also better than getting requested for a job you'd like, apply for it and never hear from them again. Sometimes employers can be jerks.
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    @gitlog You might be onto something, there...

    @rutee07 That's good thinking!
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    Is the company PornHub? I am sorry to ask but why do they have to send this when you already work there? Weird!!
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    @rutee07 you sure you didn't apply here like 10 years ago and HR just took a while to circle back?
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    @noobrants Just took a while?
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    @KartSriv HR has their own calendar. They've got their own gods and goddesses and more than a few holidays, too.
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    @noobrants Why do they call themselves Human Resource when they should be called Turtle Resources.
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    @Fantomias it is like this:
    "I do not love you but we can still be friends" :)
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    @noobrants Nope, I only entertained three companies for a Python developer role and I remember them all. I don't even use this email address on my resume but I did use it to register on job boards mostly to look around. My best guess is that it's Monster since I get a lot of emails from recruiters on that site. This is an odd one though. I'm thinking they must have shortlisted some possible candidates and confused me with someone else they interviewed.
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    @KartSriv PornHub will never reject me. ;)
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    They probably added you to their sourcing software with out telling you, Wich is a violation to GDPR.

    Then they rejected you :D
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    they just reject you in advance, in case you ever apply to them
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    @Krokoklemme That's sadder than having a mother named "Bob".
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    could it be some recruiter sending in your cv without you knowing?
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    "You can fuck off right now, but we assume you'd still be interested if we decide that we want someone"zone
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