Is it illegal to run ads in the background of website. Without images and sounds.

I know a little website that use this but idk if it's realy legal...

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    Do you even get impressions on something that is hidden?
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    I think that its not illegal, but if you report them to whatever service they are using to get the ads they can get banned from it.
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    It's definitely not illegal, but it's definitely forbidden to do defined in the terms of services of the ad network
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    I wonder if we can still call it an advertisement if is deliberately not advertising it's existence. 🤔
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    I remember a time when there was a fad for popunders. These would open multiple browser windows behind the active window with shitty ads, This was b4 tabs. Thank fuck those days are long gone. But as others say hiding ads would definitely be in breach of ad network terms, could also be fraudulent as money will change hands.
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    @Kimmax Could be illegal if they are taking money for ads they are not displaying, this would be fraud.
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    @helloworld well yeah.. Let's say it's indirectly illegal 😂
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    Alright thanks for your answer. As i see nobody realy know..
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    @iamavalos wtf i got used for bitmining then xD.

    Thzt's why they've been closed too ?
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    Not sure but if they perform any kind of tracking, you have to ask visitors for consent if they're form the EU.
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