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    We are hiring one person. We have 10 candidates. I still don't know why would I hire you in particular.

    (in case someone was thinking that answer from this meme made sense)
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    @arraysstartat1 Where I live it's more like "We have 10 positions and only one candidate"
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    When you got it in you, you got it in you!
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    Reminds me of my last job.

    3 positions, 3 of us applied for them..

    It all started when the job was advertised in the wrong section..

    When I search for jobs, I assume some might be mis-filed, so naturally when looking for an IT job, I look in the icecream serving section..
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    @arraysstartat1 The answer is still on the picture
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    I hate that question. If I have to assess your needs and tell you the reasons you should do something then you're not an employer to me. You're a client. You're supposed to know what you're looking for (at least up to a reasonable estimate).
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