Imma just learn scala this weekend

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    A functional holiday indeed
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    Any project in mind already, or is that just to be one of the cool kids?
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    @Jilano something with graphics would be neat, ocaml lacks a decent desktop gui framework
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    I stopped in the chapter about XML being a part of the language.
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    @ganjaman how's it going so far?
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    @sagar13 easier than expected, but the syntax is really weird after ocaml
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    @ganjaman I know, right! This is my first time learning a functional programing language with closures. I learned that in scala, while calling a function on an object, you can omit the dot preceding the function and the parantheses if the function has only one parameter!! And apparently this is a very common patter in closures..

    eg: util.echo("Hello") can be invoked as util echo "Hello"
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    @sagar13 thats because ("asd") is basically let f = () => "asd", so it just evaluates to a string. I havent found a way to pipe yet, im really used to writing "asd" |> print.
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