My process for estimating dev work?

3 hours a day of uninterrupted dev time, 4 days a week (~12 hours a week).

So when I say the project will take 24 hours, it is about two weeks worth of work.

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    What about the rest of your time? :) (Serious question. Of course nobody codes for 8hrs each day)
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    It borders on TL;DR, but its based my 'averages'. Typcial day:

    8:00-8:15am - Morning stand up

    8:15-8:45 - Coffee, morning talks about Fortnite/PUBG/Apex Legends standings, etc

    8:45-9:00 - Code

    9:00-9:30 - Mgr returns from some random meeting, needs to tell us all about it

    9:30-10:00 - Code

    10:00-11:00 - Jr. Dev needs help with a build/code review/other random issue

    11:00-11:30 - Code

    11:30-12:00pm - User has some emergency that has to fixed right now

    12:00pm-1:00pm - Lunch

    1:00-1:30 - Code

    1:30-3:00 - Random meeting and/or subsequent hallway discussions

    3:00-3:30 - Code

    3:30-4:00 - Another Jr. Dev needs help

    4:00-4:15 - Code

    4:15-4:45 - Mgr/co-worker wants to have an unscheduled 'team building' meeting to talk about some random topic

    4:45-5:00 - I log my time showing how little of my 8 hour day is dedicated to the project(s) I'm supposed to be working on.

    I'm not including bathroom breaks and some days I get more focus time, but you get the idea.
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