PM: By when can you do this?
Me: Monday
PM: Which monday?
Me: Exactly

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    Me: 27th of March
    PM: thats pretty quick :o
    Me(whispering): 2025
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    my PM would assume I meant last Monday and tell upper management its already done
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    Nice question very nice 😂
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    I usually reply with "Wednesday" because then the automatic age begins... at least according to the german version of MST3K :D

    Although argumentation is still the same, see above.
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    @irene there is only one episode of the U.S. Show "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" short MST3K, and the "Wednesday" as time estimate references a stupid joke.

    It's kind of an inside joke because the episode is not well known, but i watched it ~100 times and it is burned into my mind ^^
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    Wait, your PM asks you when you can deliver stuff? Without suggesting after you should deliver in 70% less the time you said? Wow 😂
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