Public Service announcement:

If one of your co-workers asks: "Hey, do you have a sec?"

DO NOT reply: "Yeah, I have tons of secs"

Someone who doesn't think before they speak

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    Took me a bit to get it, lol.
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    I always respond to this question with honesty - "No". One of my previous co-workers got offended by it so I asked him, "Why did you ask me then? I just answered your question."
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    Why not?
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    @mundo03 because "secs" is pronounced /sɛks/
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    @mundo03 pronounced: "sex". It sounded like I said "Yea, I have tons of sex"
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    oh man, I loved the joke, then hated it after reading the first few comments :(( ... some questions are better left unanswered
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    my manager asked me that question once, and I said: yeah I have some but I forgot them in the house, sorry..

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