unpopular opinion:

drop shadows look bad.
fight me

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    You're entitled to your opinion unpopular or not. I prefer options so both you and I can have what we prefer.
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    shadows are a vital tool to guide the users view to the relevant navigation points of a user interface and makes it a pleasant experience to use that digital product.
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    Popular opinion: you look bad.

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    @Root you look bad too :)
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    *rolls up sleeves*

    Oh you gone and done it now son
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    No fight here, I think they look ugly and dated. Unskilled people still use them. They are like the mullet haircut of design.
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    Sir I'm gonna need u to shut the FUCK up

    But no, you're right in most situations. The material design drop shadows, however, are quite nice.
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    You can do a nice implementation of drop shadows which can help UI clarity.

    Change my mind
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    @helloworld that's one reason why UIs stay shitty, because people take "dated" as reason not to use something. I bet you still use socks and toilet paper although both are even older than drop shadows.
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    @helloworld approaching UI design like fashion will produce shit. Just because there is "design" it doesn't mean Joop.
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    @Fast-Nop Have you seen web design from the late 90’s. Im not talking about fashion per se. It will not be repeated. Good design can be timeless but shit design is shit design. Effects like drop shadows are from the toolbox of lazy designers, together with emboss effects and other shit.
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    @helloworld You may want to research contemporary webdesign how shadow effects are used in material design and why flat design had usability issues.
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    Generalized opinions are most of the times stupid.
    Context matters. Especially with design
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