Do not apply Markov decision process to your real life :P

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    Who is Markov?
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    @cursee some russian guy definitely 🤔
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    It's a model that looks like an ovary. What she's saying is never let your ovary take over your life decisions.
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    @rutee07 😂😂😂😂

    'Tiz the vegana guy!

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    Google Markov chains for example. These are a way of representing a stochastic process using graph theory, e.g. where nodes represent random variables and transitions represent probabilities to get from state A to state B.
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    @Maer not what I meant. Markov decision process is based on independence of current and previous state, and by definition, current and future states as well. The probability that it moves from s to s' depends merely on action. Board games, specifically, use this.
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    There are extensions to sequences, however I referred to @cursee's question
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