I was going through random old files of mine and ran an old prank script that made my screen black and played the clicking sound a fucked hardisk makes.

My heart fell out my asshole and I rebooted before I remembered I have a solid state. FML. 🤦‍♂️

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    The joke is on you I guess XD

    Good thing you noticed it fast before attempting to fix/ do anything lol
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    i need this script for... academic purposes
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    source of script? I want to prank my buddies badly 😁
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    @2erXre5 I ran an obscured version, probably the exact same file I used to prank co-workers. My default obscufication method which apart from making it fuck hard to read added sugar to delete itself while it runs in memory (occasionally I would add bits of code to remove log files or worse add fake entries to fuck with people ).

    I'm sure I have the source somewhere but it's on one 12 loose hard disks in my cupboard.

    You can mostly replicate it in a line or 2, just wget a midi of the clicking and loop it in the background ( change the volume to a fixed level each loop to make them doubt it's their speakers ). That's enough to make anyone IT panic.
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