When did front end development become so much more difficult than server side? Code splitting, Server side SPA rendering, message brokering?!?! Just when i feel like ive gotten a hang on vue/react concepts, theres another 12 concepts that are "must havs". Enough of it all.

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    Because at some point some degree of maintanence needs to be done to your frontend, and when that time comes those things are going to come in handy.

    Btw if you don't want to learn any of them, then don't. If you want to have tens of html files with their own JS files and so on, just do that. Likewise if you don't want to learn those concepts, then don't do that.
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    @inaba oh I do. I’m just overwhelmed with them all. And for the piece I’m working on, lazy component loading is mandatory so I’m having to use these concepts. It’s just a lot to take in on top of everything.
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    Web developers in this age need to be an expensive asset! The field has become so robust and demands a much larger understanding of things.
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    The complexity shifted layers. The back end is pretty much data access, and even that is changing.
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