We have a 45year old junior that is left to his own devices. He simultaneously wants help all the time and won't listen to the answers. He also wants help but doesn't want to redo things he's fucked. He wants to finish tasks but not write tests in case it shows problems and he has to do more work.

The worst thing is he wants to get work done but cba to learn the framework, language, tools he's using, or just the feature of the framework he is literally using for his task. He just fumbles about like a blind man in a strip joint until things 'work'.

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    Call him "Babyllenials" until he gets mad.
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    I can so badly relate to the same situation in my team... my condolences to you!
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    I want to quote Peter Griffin's "Don't bother with the old people, they're dying" but 45 isn't that old. The solutions architects I worked with in my previous company are in their 60s and they are throwing tantrums when they don't get their way. I survive thinking they could die anytime soon. I would even joke to my colleagues that they died of old age whenever they're late to meetings.
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    @rutee07 "Looks like Maverick cursed his last intern. Welp, he won't be miss. What's in today's meeting?"
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    > I survive thinking they could die anytime soon.

    lmao, the level savagery has no match
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    We all feel bad about the recurrent sad story of an old man who got laid off and has to learn a new thing and can now barely pay the bills. I meet uber drivers like that all the time.

    But my god, old people can be useless as shit. I think it has to do with a gen gap, our gen grew up with devices up the ass.
    I would like to think my 45 year old self would still be able to adapt to stuff, I would be pretty sad otherwise.

    There are some old people that adapt, but they are rare, ie GrandpaGaming
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    I'm not 45, but not that far away.

    We old farts have just been there and done that, tried some ideas and failed, tried other approches and saw success, saw technologies rise as the next big thing only to be deprecated two years later multiple times over, worked on projects that proved themselves out there and others that never survived their descent into the depths of development hell. We shipped stuff and had to keep it working for years and thus learned the hard way what ideas which seem so obviously good here and now might lead to in the long run.

    And at all that we've written code. So much code. Code that is now lost, like tears in the rain.

    So it's kinda hard to get excited when you young fellas come round the corner with the newest wonderful new idea (that sometimes isn't new to begin with).

    Now get off my lawn!
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    @mksana that was awesome.
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    @mksana I shouldn't ha e mentioned his age as it is irrelevant and I now see it was rude without meaning.

    Regardless of his age he has 1 year of experience in a job that partially involved dev work. That isn't his fault but his bs now is his fault.
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    I’m nearly that age and I’d kill to be a junior dev. I can actually take direction and understand when to shut the fuck up and listen to people with better experience.
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