So true, but they are helping some people alot.

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    This image is an exact reflection of my mind
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    Sometimes you get the occasional car horn and engine noise...
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    Haha ! Despite being an Indian, I share this feeling, ofcourse it's not nearly as severe as the non indian fellows but if the tutorials are in a Southern indian accent I try my best to avoid it because it is often incomprehensible for us north Indian people.
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    @MHammer baby crying, utensils falling... All sorts of stuff.
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    @MHammer I could live with that. What bothers me most is that many of those people seem to have their microphones placed in a tin can near some electric motors with a bunch of rugs put over it.
    I mean, I really appreciate their work, but how hard can it be to get a somewhat decent microphone and place it properly?
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    Thought im the only one.. 🙈
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    @p32929 thats why they are helping many people though.
    But yes, i agree with you
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    There should be a YouTube channel on how to improve indian accent by some non Indian person who is familiar with indian accent. And this is not a joke.
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    @ceee I called our solutions architect once. He is over 60 years old and lives in the US. It was winter and he wanted to talk while he was still on the road. When he got out of the car and started walking on the snow, I can hear his voice shaking, I thought he was gonna drop dead on the snow! :D
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    @p32929 at one point, we are the one who need to learn their accent.. 😂
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    @ceee I am from South Indian and trust me I can understand German better than the tutorials but accent doesn't determine their skills.
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    @KartSriv nobody is talking about the skills man.
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    @ceee Just sayin' I meant South India btw not South Indian typo
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