Each sprint lasts for 2 weeks. But I get the basic info to start working on my stories only when 3/4th of the sprint is completed....

So yeah....no one gives shit about estimation at least in my case.

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    Well then you should bring this up in one of weekly meetings
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    @zemaitis There were times when I wasn't given information to work on my stories till the deadline for it to go into production was near....story was just getting carry forwarded....

    I did bring it up. No one gave a shit. It continued. I spoke to manager and asked for team change. 🙂
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    Normally that‘s what the scrum master is for. He has to remove any blockers, clarify everything and ONLY then a ticket can go into a sprint.

    I hope it‘s better in your new team.
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    Only give storypoints during estimation when the story is ready. If they insist on numbers show them the 100 or ?.

    If they want it in sprint, and you cannot work on it and it's part of the sprint goal, escalate. Sprints such as you describe should fail on the first day.
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    @ExGetMessage We don't have a scrum master. We did have one for few weeks but she didn't like the way team worked....

    Team lead took up stories even when he didn't have clear idea about what is to be done. And then carry forward stories....

    Scrum master didn't have any control over team
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    @irene I do realise. I have actually told this once. But then they don't have common sense.
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