Bought some spektrum glasses recently, arrived today. Been wearing them for a few hours now, and I gotta say that I am loving them! 😲

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    Shit I read rektum glasses.
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    Grammar alert:
    "I love them" instead of I'm loving them. You're not McDonalds, and you're also not having sex with those glasses right now, right?
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    @filthyranter 😏😏😏
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    I‘m interested so I have some questions.

    1. Did you try software tools like f.lux before buying those? If yes, what‘s the difference?

    2. Which version did you buy?

    3. When do you use them(day/night)?
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    1. Yeah I tried f.lux couple of years ago, but hated how yellow it got. And I'm also watching a lot of TV in the evening, where I can't apply any software. These glasses do give a little yellow tint, but after 5-10 minutes, you don't really notice it.

    2. Prospekt

    3. I only got them like 6 hours ago, and have been wearing them since
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    @filthyranter it's an Americanism. You here it often over here. "OMG! I got these new kicks, and I'm loving them!"
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    @irene glasses that filter blue light. So basically a hardware alternative to f.lux
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    @irene sorry, dynamic how? Like they change over time?
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    @irene no, they're not. But tbh why should they be..?
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    @irene I understand people liking it in f.lux, because it's so obvious with the yellowness. But with the glasses, it just feel like wearing regular glasses after a little while
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    @iAmNaN A lot of Americanism is incorrect grammar ;)
    And I have to imagine "I'm loving <object>" in my head, always. So I just have to remind people of it.
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    @KasperNS btw, does it mean that you are "on the spectrum" now? ;-)
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    @rutee07 you mean like that one? ^^
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    @rutee07 that‘s called lost&found in the hospital😁
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