So i have been working as a graduate developer in this company i joined 5 months ago with some other graduates. I was on probation and it was supposed to end in near future but it got extended because " i was not being punctual". The feedback i got was " you are technically brilliant and have done all the tasks you have been asked to do but aren't being punctual and coming late to the office sometimes ".
I am indeed at fault that i sometimes enter the office late like 5-10 mins from the mentioned range. But whenever that has happened i always made it up while working late at work, this is my first job and even though i was being funny with the manager when we were discussing this i am not so happy right now, is it a big enough reason for extension ? Do you think if it can become a reason for termination ? Some other graduates have their probation extended cause of other reasons like late task completion.

Just need to understand how badly am i fucked.

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    Sounds like a sweatshop.

    It could be justifiable if you constantly missed meetings or something actually important.
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    Staying late doesn’t mean you can come in late. People should be able to rely on you. Like planning a meeting and not knowing if you will be on time?

    If you come in early and stay late often, I’m pretty sure noone will care if you come in late sometimes.
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    If you have been missing something important like meetings or whatever then yes you are at fault... however if its just common everyday nagging then you should find a new job... but do remember if you come on time... leave on time!
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    I always tend to arrive early, because I leave to go to work early, so I'm rarely late.

    Does mean I arrive at work earlier than just about everyone else !

    But that does give me time to relax and sort out stuff I'd otherwise not have time for, ready for making the day easier. (paper in the printer, do updates, fill the coffee machine up/etc.)

    Having said that, I'm reminded of a place I worked where one person arrived late every day, left early every day, even got sacked once, but was told they had to rehire the person as sacking them for being repeatedly late for years didn't count as reason enough !

    They also went 10 minutes early to every break, arrived back 10 minutes late, and took 20 minutes to go to the toilet several times a day..

    But you probably aren't in that group..
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    Don't worry about it to much mate, they just try to keep you on a lower pay as long as possible ;)
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    @randomnumber i missed one meeting in the last 5 months and that was less about me being late and more about the calender not syncing, i think its more because my manager in a 1 to 1 mentioned it in a really informal way and i took it as if i was taking more time during the lunch time which i fixed but he meant in a general way so he got mad that i didn't fix it. They are paying is above the avg so i dont really think its about the money as most of the grads have been passed ( i think) except 4-5 due to different reasons.
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    @smb26 the work place is pretty flexible with timings, the other day i had some important visa appointment so they allowed me to get back after 11 and if i am not feeling well i can take a day off or work from home moreover you can get in before 10. Seems like i messed up but didnt realize i messed up in time, i will surely fix this but i am bit stressed about this if this becomes the reason for termination.
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    @electrineer na didnt miss any meetings.
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    @SoulSkrix sounds like a plan :D i will just conciously make an effort to fix this from now on.
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    > i am bit stressed about this if this becomes

    > the reason for termination.


    I'm reminded how I got sacked for telling a customer they was 'stupid' (See other thread..), so I'd say its possible.

    But you can't change the past so to speak, so if you are, you'd need to get a new job, and learn the next time, never be late, just in case ! (Though some places, some folk, can be late all the time and no one does anything about it..)

    Perhaps try and find out if anyone else has been fired because of lateness, or if this particular person has fired others before. (You may well find certain people in positions of power like to fire people because they can, given any excuse..)

    When I had staff for not so time critical jobs, it didn't matter to me if they was a bit late, as long as the work got done and they left on time and didn't stay behind running up the electricity bill with the lights on !

    Other jobs, time critical, I'd sack the late folk..
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    @smb26 the task deadline reason was for another graduate, for me it was the punctuality, i never missed a task deadline and thats what he even mentioned that my team is happy with my work and my lead gave a good feedback.
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