I searched nothing on playstore and I got nothing 😂😂😂

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    That app description
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    Luckily it costs nothing.
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    13mb for nothing??
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    If you can have a TV show about nothing, I can't see why you can't have an app about nothing
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    Reviews are hilariously sarcastic.
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    13MB of NOTHING?! Wtf Android, that must be the compatibility layer or something :D
  • 2
    It's actually a game

    So people spotting for 13MB, please play it. It's good exercise for critical thinking

    Well I ended up solving from write ups
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    @iamavalos fuck chilangos
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    Haz patria mata a un chilango.
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    @iamavalos de Celaya!
    Yo de gdl.
    Fuck chilangos tho
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    The test team still found something wrong.
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    Thing is, there's a better app called "Absolutely Nothing" which actually shows nothing at all, doesn't open anything.
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