How to ask for a raise without creating a bad vibe?

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    Just ask for a raise. Prepare some good arguments beforehand. No one takes it personal, just ask!
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    @rutee07 @ihatecomputers I've been working there for about a year, and I keep getting feedback that my work is excellent.. I've had some medical issues lately, but I've gotten offers from other companies for the same position but it's a lot more in terms of salary... I really like the team I'm in now, but I still want to earn what I think I'm worth...

    Currently getting 3500/mo
    Offer: 4300/mo

    Same perks, same holiday, etc

    Can I just bring this offer to my boss? Or would/should that be weird?
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    Approach your boss and tell him how it is, that according to your research an employee in your position should make between 4'200-4'500 and if he/she sees any chance on adjusting your pay to the usuall market value. If not, start looking for a new job. If they're open for a raise, also have them define goals for you to reach to get a future raise, like velocity, quality and so on, because that way, the next time you won't have to ask/beg for a raise, but can simply produce the agreed upon terms for another raise.
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    Ask for a development plan, talk about wage ranges, activities, responsibilities.

    If you can demonstrate you are already ahead of that plan, you can push for a salary increase.

    If they can't give you such plan, it means they have no idea hoe to do things so just ask for it straight away and set a development plan for yourself.
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    @crowdsurfer also, yes, you can bring that offer to your boss and to HR.
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