“You have to be a moron to write server-side code in JavaScript”

“Web does not need reactive programming”

“Everybody use PHP now, we don’t need your fancy functional stuff here”

This and other hilarious things I’ve been told through my career, as well as the story of doctor who tried to teach other doctors to wash their hands but lost his sanity because they rejected him, are in my fresh article.


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    Nice article bud
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    Aside from the few grammatical mistakes; your point is very valid. ++
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    Well, that there were events in the past where the stubborn people have been wrong does in no way imply that they always will be wrong.

    Having said that, I absolutely agree with "You have to be a moron to write server-side code in JavaScript".
    But then, I can't stand Javascript in the frontend, too, and hope that some day there will be a proper replacement, so that we aren't forced by browsers to use it anymore.
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    @Hubot-0x58 I nazi only when I feel to nazi 😅
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    Event driven server code is doing me wonders ☺️
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