This Thursday

The Android app we work on has been ignored in terms of design for 3 years.
Everyone added their own colors, dimensions, strings, etc...
We have grey_1 through grey_9 along with light_grey, lighter_grey, etc...
hardcoded colors everywhere.

All fine until they asked for another flavor a month ago. I didn't panic/meltdown, I cleaned up as much as I could, divided things into templates like header_color, surface_color... It worked fine

Until they fucking asked to "unify" all of our company's apps, which is also fine except a lot of politics came into play. The customer wants one thing, the customer's designer wants another, our designer, our clients designers, my manager... all want different twists in different places. And the code is no way near being able to support all of this.

So I was like ... No I will make one fucking color for all things that serve the same purpose. Turned off the pc, sent an email that I will postpone the release, blocked the ticket, stopped a colleague while they were talking telling them to stfu... and took a 4 days surfing vacation, undeclared.

A dozen of waves later, I came back to work, deleted all references to colors and fixed around 1000 of them

If you know you have tech debt and just live with it... Fuck you!

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    And no one asked for you for 4 days? 🤔
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    I inherited years of neglected code by developers that didn't like things such as comments, version control, creating functions (duplicate code everywhere), foreign keys...I have slowly been trying to clean up things but everything is so fragile I end up uncovering some undocumented features.
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    @irene they did, I was either out in the sea catching waves, or in bed. So didn't answer/care.

    I'm allowed to have a meltdown once every 2 years and they probably are aware of that. Especially after I (and kudos to my team too) fixed that big pile of garbage they called an app.
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    Did you give them a well-deserved and overdue “let this be a lesson to you” lecture to get them to have better dev practices?
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