when you're a programmer surrounded by designer friends, it feels frustrating sometimes.

people appreciate what they do more because they can clearly see the end product: beautifully designed ui, animated splash screens, clean colorful themes. even though it probably does squat other than to print statements.

then they look at your overly simple design and cant see the beautiful underlying code within.

end rant.

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    I am a back-end dev but the front-end is so
    Important as well. I have seen enterprise systems with great back-ends and archaic front ends that fail in sales. They could easily be improved.
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    @Jumpshot44 I understand that in my head. a good front-end helps the user to better take advantage of the features the back-end dev coded but, but... D:

    I actually love it when me and my friends work on the same projects coz it makes for an overall solid product and because of their ideas I can code better. but, but... D:

    but when doing individual work, they're still glorified without me while i'm fed to the wolves without them, and my self-esteem suffers for it.

    hehe just ranting off my irrational envy. DX
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    The problem as a designer is, that people say "well you can't need more than 2 hours for this design stuff", because they think that it's just changing colours a bit and so on.

    But yes, they appreciate the work of a designer more as you said. That's why I want to be a designer with programming knowledge and not a programmer with design knowledge :D.
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