Atom or VS (latest version) For Ruby and Js.

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    I prefer VS code by a wide margin over Atom. I dunno how Microsoft did it, but shit is way faster than its atom cousin, but mind you its still a memory eater. If you must use one for web development in Ruby and JS i can definitely recommend VS code. Oooooooor you can learn one of the ancient and powerful ones likw Vim or Emacs
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    What this guy said : @AleCx04 😎
    Atom was good, vsCode although similar, just doesn’t want to destroy my ram/cpu and crash/ freeze up like atom.
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    @C0D4 I think the UI is a lot more intuitive / dev friendly too
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    Hands down VS code. Like they said above, VS code is way smoother than Atom. Also there is good plug-ins on code for JS. I do React dev.

    PS: after using VS for so long I am looking IDEs from Jetbrains.
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    I like jetbrains, RubyMine is awesome, i used it the last year, but i want a new one. Thanks to all of you guys.
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