Question to our Tor people.

I operate a middle relay myself and I noticed that Nyx (tor monitoring tool) displays a very different throughput (mb/GB a day) than tor itself.

How does that work?

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    What do you mean with "tor itself"? Relay metrics or journal logs or…?
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    @kenogo Logs really. Tor is reporting about 300-400gb a day (which would average to a 4mb-ish continuous throughput but nyx is reporting ~2tb a day. (Calculated by me).

    System traffic varies between 6-20mbs and my sites etc aren't that busy so most is coming from tor.
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    weird, I haven't actually looked at what the logs say in my case, I'll take a look
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    Mine works fine. My server has been up for 30 days since last maintenance, and tor log says it has sent 16590.31GB since then, which amounts to 6.4 MB/s. Both of these values show up the same in nyx.
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    @linuxxx From what did you calculate the 2 TB per day from nyx?
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    In case you keep nyx running in tmux or screen, you should have the tor log right underneath the bandwidth graphs in nyx. So maybe you could just take a screenshot of that and it would have all the information?
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    @kenogo Literally remembering the amount it's currently at according to nyx and looking at it again next day same time haha
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    Just trust Nyx here, :)
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    @Linux Awesome, that'd be my preference as it displays way more :D
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    And you can basically go with vnstat too :)
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