so I have both PyCharm and VScode running for the same project. It’s React Redux Django so my servers and stuff are running through pycharm while i edit and code on VS cause PyCharm is crap for react and javascript.

But VS cant seem to run my crap without additional steps which PyCharm does for you automatically like the virtual env

Is there a better way to do this or is this my life now?

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    Doing the same with pycharm and atom (yes, atom) for a Django project of mine. Isn't it some good practice to only pick the best features of each editor and use them accordingly?
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    Why not just create your own venv and use vs code? Might have to set up your own tasks to run the server but it's not hard
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    @SoulSkrix pycharm made one already. I only realized how bad it was for react later on so too late
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    @SoulSkrix I’ll show you later. Pycharm sets it up with each new project it makes. But the set up and env doesn’t extend to opening the files elsewhere. So it’s pycharm till end
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