Had a client on the phone with an extremely heavy Turkish (I think so, not entirely sure) accent who was hardly understandable but I kept polite and tried really hard to understand his questions.

Didn't go so well and he started to get annoyed and rude as well and asked me why I kept asking him to repeat his questions.

Told him that due to his heavy accent I had some trouble understanding him but that we'd take it slow and that I was trying my best.

He didn't take that well and called me a fucking racist (or, a 'cancer racist (dutch: 'kanker racist') but this sounds nicer).

C: (remember, heavy accent) "Ben jij kanker racist ofzo?" (are you cancer racist or something?)

Me: sorry, kan je dat herhalen? Ik verstond je niet helemaal goed door het accent, excuses! (Sorry, could you repeat that? I didn't quite get that due to the heavy accent, apologies!)


Client exploded in my ear xD.

Totally worth it! I'm all for helping and tried my best but if you're going to disrespect me, fuck off.

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    People are fucking soft these days.

    I've got a pretty thick southern accent and I've had to slow down and properly enunciate words.

    Like stop being soft and get fuck over the fact that people have accents that are hard to understand, and that it's no big deal.
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    Why are there so many people that use racism as an excuse to be rude these days? I see it in my hometown every damn day (about 70% of people here have a foreign passport, this count does not include people who are of foreign origin) and lots of them are super super nice, because they are human. But then there are surprisingly many that have noticed that by calling someone they don't like racist, they can get away with anything. And it's infuriating
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    epic dev moment 😎😎
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    @Stuxnet Definitely. I have trouble understanding people in my native language (I blame 50% the accent and 50% my brain for the lack of attention), but if everyone do just a little bit of effort, we're all good.

    (The hardest for me are "Quebecois". Sorry cousins, but it's easier to just understand English at this point!)
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    People who use “kanker” in day-to-day talk loose all of my respect in 0.1 sec.
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    @Eversor Same, can't fucking stand that.
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    As a Turk, I can confirm. Most of the times, even I can't understand Turkish people speaking foreign languages.
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    @Jilano You can’t understand le Québécois.

    Je veux voir ta face quand tu entendras quelqu’un du Lac St-Jean/Saguenay.

    C’est drôle, parce qu’on a aucune difficulté à vous comprendre.
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    @-vim- Haha! Excellent! I think it often comes from the odd English structure with French words.

    A good example of that is the following sentence:
    - Tu me manques (French)
    - I miss you (English)
    - Je m'ennuie de toi (Québécois)
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    Uncalled for. You could have just said something like I have trouble hearing you or the line is cutting. You'd guarantee that he repeats his questions with pleasure that.
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