Am i the only one who thinks it is bad for to people ask Windows users to join Linux just because Windows 7 is about to die ?

Ps - I am a linux user myself for about 5 years

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    Nope, your not the only one. I use both. I've been using Linux since the mid-90's.
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    Nah you're not alone.
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    Definitely not alone. Specially when windows 10 is good. There is no reason to switch over just because of the mass biased outlook of a small community.
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    @AleCx04 Reason #1 : It is not open source
    Reason #2 : It is paid software
    Reason #3 : Updates are HUDGE !! 3.7GB !!
    Reason #4 : User data collection.
    Reason #5 : Candy Crush
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    Stallman screech 😂
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    I think it depends on your reasoning/argument(s).

    While many people would see windows 10 (for example) as a proper OS, I see it as a surveillance system.

    So for my reasoning it would be good to at least show someone an alternative (no pressure or whatsoever) while for others it might be a bad or good idea depending on their views.
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    @KushagraKarira i don't give a shit about any of those reasons other than candy crush sucks
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