So I sign up for this fancy pants website were developers rant about shit. They ask me bunch of data mining personal questions upfront like a marketing bitch so I go through and fill out my profile. Ok it's a social site, whatever and nobody gives a fuck about me anyway. I hit save, continue and go to click the email that injects my lies into their database. But I figure I might go back and fix some of the lies I wrote about myself just in case Google craws it and somebody I meet in the future calls me liar. So I spend 10 minutes trying to navigate the whole website to find a way to get back there to edit the lies or even perhaps find some site help relating to profiles. Of course the profile page itself does not do this profile edit stuff and bugger me if there is no help at all on how to use this website. So I did the only thing I could and wrote this rant in the hope somebody knows how the fuck I cover my tracks on devrant.com

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    On the phone there is a hamburger menu with a profile option. And if you cannot find that try clicking on you name in the rant list.

    Once you see you profile there should be an edit button or pen.

    But I only use devrant on my phone.
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    On PC it is as simple as clicking on your profile pic on the top right and then click on the quite obvious "Edit Profile" link.
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    @TobiSGD Thanks. It seems like you need to post at least once for this to become active as I could not scroll below the fold but now I can!
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    @Voxera Thanks it seemed to be a first timer thing where the system expected me to dive and start posting then unlock that area once the first post data was in.
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