I think in my case its a monitoring system I'm still writing which does already work (just far from done).

I got this as a crazy idea while thinking that it would be impossible to make and then thought fuck it and I wrote it.

Written in php, and as long as you can write a module for it, you can pretty much make it monitor anything you'd like.

I'm using it to monitor a few websites and servers I run :)

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    What was the trickiest part?
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    Could you share the screen shot or tell us more on what parameters are you monitoring?
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    @toriyaki I think the part that for debugging, I had to run the entire ruleset again every time to test as I wanted to test with 'IRL' data.

    But the very most difficult part was definitely thinking out some of the logic. I crashed and had to reset my entire thought process multiple times haha.
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    @bhushant3769 it's entirely based on modules where it starts with a rule parsing "engine" thingy.

    As long as you can write a module for it and give it the correct namings etc, you can just write the php files/code, place them in the right directories and adjust the main config, it should work.

    If you'd like more info, let me know!
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