I don't think I've ever done anything cool. I've done some shit because they're funny, I'm lazy, and to make do of the limited resources and some restrictions.

1. Webpage/Dashboard using SQL command line. I still troll some co-workers and ask them if they can make a webpage out of SQL. They laugh then I show this to them. It's a simple but comprehensive dashboard that displays transaction volumes, server status, etc. Pretty much combined all the data from different sources (database, server logs, etc.) This was to eliminate the endless excuses of my team members who use the 15 minute application restart as an excuse why they didn't get to do their jobs for the remaining 7 hours and more. What's your excuse now?

2. A bunch of shell scripts to generate a detailed analysis of transaction processing delays, relevant number of user sessions, server and JVM statuses, etc. This is to mock my lazy co-workers back then who can't analyze shit. If a script can do your job, well.. you know the rest.

3. A bluetooth master/slave shit to detect who's in which room and who's out of scope for my College thesis. I doubt its effectiveness though I don't think about it these days. Maybe I'll replace it with something better for future torture chambers and trap triggers.

4. Automated the review of the code based on the set standards. Again, because no one gave a shit about the review. They charge hours for reviweing then I had to review it again to see a lot of things that should be corrected. They are showering in defects these days.

5. And this one is definitely just for the lulz to mock my manager who is obsessed with actual hours. The tool just logs what time you logged off and logged back in. Every time you unlock the computer, it asks what the fuck did you do during the time you were away. I just put "ate", "pooped", and shit like that.

There are other stuff I probably don't remember anymore or can't put in here.

Edit: Now that I read it again, I realized that I was pretty much developing things to replace my co-workers. I wasn't very lucky with co-workers back then.

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