Just got my Contract canceled by my client cuz introducing -- my half-month of hard work -- April Fools Theme to his Website i've been working on past 5 months (not including vacation).

Worth it 不不不不

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    @rutee07 i wish i can post it legally, but it's not that bad
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    Did it say "you must be a fool giving this contract to me"? Otherwise, he is a real fool
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    @asgs no it's just a lot of sprinkled easter eggs quotes and animation here and there. And if the user click a button/link to redirect it somewhere will be summarized with "April Fools" Page.

    Thats all 不不不
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    @irene yeah 不, a big Woooooshh right there
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    @irene Sheldon from big bang theory?
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    I'm a bit confused. Did you *actually* deliberately deface your client's website for April Fool's day, or is this in itself some kind of April Fool's?

    If you actually did that, then damn, you were lucky to just lose the client and not face legal action.
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