They lack inventory management

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    I see this very often, it must be a sales strategy. I read a book once about marketing/ persuasion and there were quite a few techniques employed by sales people that I had no idea about.
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    Yes, mostly this is just a lie, based on you device. Same with price, on iOS many things are more expensive than on an Android device.
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    This is a technique used to make you want to buy this reflexively.
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    @Sumafu that can’t be right. Would be too obvious and they’ll get sued for discrimination.

    *edit* oh silly me- I thought you meant amazon charges more depending on device :p but you’re just saying in general I guess.
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    @dalastTomCruise maybe Amazon doesn’t do it any more, or just in some countries, but it is an fact that sometimes some products on Amazon have different prices on different devices
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    @Sumafu can you show proof of this? I’m having a hard time believing that a corporation would do something that can easily destroy their PR. Because amazon has too little to gain and too much to lose from doing this.
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    @dalastTomCruise I have no direct proofs. But I heard it from different sources and some have already seen it themselves
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    @Sumafu there’s just no justification for adding additional logic to an already complex platform just for incentive based off of a type of phone which could bring really bad recognition to the company. A physical store is different and they fluctuate their prices because their clientele is usually catered to those local to the area.
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    @Sumafu example of how easy it would be to spot this:

    Person1: “hey dude this lock is 9.99 and has great reviews...”

    *shares link*

    Person2: “The lock is 10.99 on my screen...”

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    Had the opposite recently. Mom’s birthday was April 3, so when I ordered her gift (which was apparently in stock at the time) on March 27 I added 2-day shipping for good measure and was told to expect it on the 29th.

    March 31 comes around and I’m starting to wonder, so I look up the order to find out that it is on back order and expected to arrive on the 11th. Saying fuck this shit, I cancelled the 2-day shipping since it’s now thoroughly pointless. Ten minutes later I got an exmail notifying me that it was going to be back in stock sooner than expected, and that I should be getting it...on the 11th.

    Mercifully, it did arrive yesterday.
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