What are the situations and reasons to look for a new job as a developer ? I am dissatisfied with my current job because no process is followed here and changes from the client are welcomed all the time because project manager is a pussy who can't say no for sudden changes to client.
my soul is tired ! So tired of this that I don't care if my grammar is incorrect in this rant.

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    Being dissatisfied is one. Wanting change is another. Just feeling like it for whatever reason is enough if you ask me.
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    @AngryDev9981 oh no sprint planning and unli tasks thrown at you. Now that is hard.

    Is your company a support agency? Do you have sprint planning/Agile?

    Do you have overtime pay or offset? 🤔
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    @Devnergy nope. Welcome to south asia. most software company don't pay for over time.
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    @Devnergy , My manager does not follow any process. He just does the meeting with client and sets unrealistic deadlines that developers can't meet. He does not care at all.
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    Start your own company and you will be like your manager in no time. It is hard to run organization like you have imagined.
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    @AngryDev9981 I experienced that too. Super fast deadlines like tomorrow and there is no sprint planning. The detailed features are not discussed in the ticket/task.

    So most of the time I'm doing OTY - overtime thank you - OT with no pay. I have also no offset.
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    @Jung dude, in my previous job I have worked with people who did follow procedures and protocols. It depends upon the person.
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