Reconsidering my career as Dev
Because 3/10 times when I see client emails they are redundant, awful to read, there's no acceptance criteria, absolutely nothing, yet when I escalate the issue I have to take the blame for it (idk how that happens), and on top of that fucking Epilepsy fucks me up and just last night when I was reading an email I had an epilepsy episode which fucked me up and my laptop.

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    That's normal. Either you or a PM/PO should work all the criteria out together with the client.

    You[we] are the specialists of the field who know what is required to build stuff. The customer, however, is not.

    Suppose a barbershop wants a website. How the fuck are they supposed to know all the quirks on the topic? Wtf is sla? Wtf is slo or sli??? [I bet you're off to google yourself, aren't you? :) so if you, the spec. has to google it, ] how is client supposed to know all this? All he wants is a website.

    Now if you/pm/po is not figuring all these checkboxes out, someone is not doing their job right. And it's not the client for sure.
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    so sorry to hear that, seizures suck :(
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