The principal developer who wrote one of our APIs is on annual leave, there's no documentation.

It's in another language.

Add some points into scrumwise for 'Deciphering hieroglyphics'!

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    Another language like French or another programming language?
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    @ftyross I graduated a JavaScript boot camp year ago, the API is written in 'ye old .net'
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    Depending on what needs doing it may just be possible to read and understand just enough to make the necessary changes.

    Obviously if it's a new feature than your up the creek but fixing a typo or small change should be possible. Afterall nearly languages are made up of the same sorts of constructs, logic statements, function calls and the like even if the specific syntax differs.
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    I completely agree! While looking through the .net code I noticed some similarities and made sense of the code I needed.

    Plot twist: The changes I needed weren't committed 🤣
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