My boss just asked me to quantify how much more effort is needed to learn automation testing compared to manual.
How on earth am I to do that, where do I even begin researching, I had to put it at 3: 1 for automation.

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    Less effort than doing it manually multiple times. Job x takes 2 weeks to do, job y takes 1 hours every day for 2 years to do (timings are irrevelant to rant).
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    @hack You misunderstood. Learning automation not actually using it.
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    What exactly is included in this question? Like just unit testing? Integration testing? Setting up a complete CI/CD pipeline?
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    @KasperNS No just using Selenium IDE and WebDriver.
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    @Hubot-0x58 well in that case, if you give someone a week to study it you'll have an expert, and by then you'll get a great ROI in the future
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    @Hubot-0x58 Selenium is buggy and infuriating. But also kind of wonderful. Only takes a little while to learn, and a little while longer to anticipate its issues. Your learning investment shouldn't take longer than 2-5 days. (Though I very highly recommend writing some helper functions, and setting up good exception handling)

    I wrote something for a would-be client to scrape automotive datasheets from a website. There ended up being > 10,000 of them. It took a few days, but I could let it run overnight and check for arbitrary crashes in the morning. It would have taken weeks or a month manually, to say nothing of the mind-numbing boredom the process would instill.
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    Manual will always be easier than automation. That isn't the point, however. Automation of testing is extensible and increasingly saves time and effort.

    On a smaller scale, think of bash aliases and functions. You can do everything manually, of course, but setting up quicker methods saves you effort. A closer scope size would be build tools/ tool chains. Again, you can do everything manually, but writing a build tool to handle the drudgery for you as well as properly handle any exceptions or edge cases is such a better use of your time and skills. And. Other developers can benefit from those efforts as well.

    If it's tedious, you're doing it wrong.
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    You can cut that time more than in half if you use cypress instead of selenium.
    At least thats my experience with both products.
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    @Root Thanks for sharing.
    My boss wants me to teach the IDE and WebDriver to some manual testers with almost no programming experience and was trying to guage how much effort it would take them.

    For me it would just take perhaps 2 days to be good to go but these guys need to learn some basic concepts first.
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    @Hubot-0x58 Oof. Best of luck.
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